I am back from my three week of Gurukula Programme with Dr. Lad in Pune and next year I will be able to share with you all his teachings!

In the meantime, take care of yourselves and have a very happy Christmas!

Read what Dr Lad writes about winter time:


December is ending of the calendar year. In Sanskrit, it is called hemanta. December 21st is the beginning of winter, but also the year ending. It is a good time to bring awareness to the past year’s unfinished business and prepare for welcoming the New Year. It is a period of completion of incomplete work.

It is also the Christmas season where families get together and a time to resolve unresolved emotions, so as to have a new beginning, adding new life to their relationships, making them happy and healthy.

In this season, the sky is covered by clouds, there are gusty winds, and the air is cold and damp. People tend to stay at home. Because of the cold weather, agni under the skin is pushed inwards and jathara agni, the gastric fire, is high. People become hungry in early morning. Ayurveda says to have a healthy breakfast in this season when agni is high.

During this season, exercise will nourish the new tissue. Because of the cold, damp weather, we can accumulate kapha dosha. Kapha is described as balāsa. Bala means strength and this season can bring strength, vigor, and vitality. But it is also the season of slowness; take the time to go slow, drive slowly, try to stay at home and clear your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, so that you are ending unresolved feelings and emotions while preparing to welcome family and friends for the new beginning.

We must take care of these two aspects of December, healthy and unhealthy. The healthy December increases agni. We can exercise and eat a kapha-pacifying diet, staying away from dairy products, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and milk. Unhealthy December creates the common cold, congestion, cough, or sinus infection. Sitopalādi, mahasudarshan, and abhrak bhasma can support balance. Food combining and herbal compounds will help to control kapha dosha. Drink ginger tea, cinnamon tea, or cardamom tea to kindle agni and calm down kapha. They will drain the system, decongesting the respiratory system.

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